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Kitchen Remodeling

We are a premier full service kitchen Remodeling   in Silver Spring MD  
serving the needs of DC/Metro aria homeowners. We Offer residential, Kitchen Remodeling,  home improvements,Home Repair and general Kitchen and Bath  remodeling, We are Kitchen & Bath Remodeling  Experts located  Silver Spring MD. we service , Silver Spring,MD Bethesda MD, Rockville MD, Aspen Hill MD, Wheaton MD, Kensington MD Chavy Chase, MD Potomac, MD and downtown area.  you think you need Kitchen or Bathroom Remodeling Services,Home repair services – DON’T WAIT To shedule an appointment or get an FREE Estimate call 301-830-8186

Kitchens are the New Entertainment Space


To many families their kitchen is more than a place where food is cooked and eaten, that's why for us us very is important to:

Plan and then Re-plan

The most important thing to keep in mind while going for home remodeling is to make the first level plan. To get an idea as how to make this plan, see the questions below and as you go about answering the questions, your first plan will take shape.


-Do you want to remodel becuase of your changing family needs?

-Do you want to give a fresh look and do the house remodeling by playing with the colors?

-Do you want to upgrade and give it a different look?

-Are you remodeling it for sale/rent?


Once you have your mind clear with what you are really looking for then your first step in home remodeling plan is complete.




The Rooms to be Remodeled


Once you have determined the main reason for remodeling then go to the next step in the plan by deciding on the rooms and
specific places that require to be worked on. If you are concentrating on more than one area then it is best to make a list
and then stick to it.


Addition and subtraction later on will only lead to confusion. If you are planning to work with an architect or an interior designer
 then share your home remodeling plan with them. Tell them clearly what you don’t like in a particular room or space and then
let them help you out by improving on it in the most economical way.


Make your Remodeling Scrapbook


Now let’s start by giving shape to your dream home. Before you start off on the remodeling plan, compile a scrapbook by
putting together different designs, color combinations, tile designs or anything else that has caught your eye. Cut out
magazine clippings, do your searching on the net and then sit down and give a practical shape to your creative ideas.


Once you have your ideas in place, and then make a detailed list of everything you want to be included in this renovation.
 Don’t cut down on your wish list thinking about the budget. That can be looked into later on. Once you have everything that’s
on your mind in one place then start with the trimming.



The Wooden Kitchen Installation Process 


Divide your wish list into different sections like:






Wall colors

Tile Installation

Decorating items